Emotional Resilience Entrepreneurs During Covid-19 Outbreak

Youth International Conclave

As everything is just slowed down in the outburst of Covid-19 pandemic, entrepreneurship has faced several norms too.

Running your own business and being an entrepreneur is stressful during Covid-19 outbreak. When the business you built and which is ‘you’ is in turmoil, how do you cope with the emotional stress and develop resilience?
What steps can be taken for the improvement? Looking for the answers of such mind-striking questions?
Our honourable Guest Speaker Ms. Agita Pasaribu, Founder and CEO of Bullyid app will be hosting the event on “Emotional Resilience for Entrepreneurs during Covid-19 outbreak” live at official Facebook page of Youth International Conclave on July 28, 2020 at 8PM(PKT) or 10PM (Indonesia time).


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Agita Pasaribu
Agita Pasaribu is a cyber law consultant and founder of Bully.id. Agita has been working closely with the UN IGF, ITU and WHO to advocate youth empowerment and technology projects with Asia and European regions.

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To educate youth how to deal with stress.

People from all age group can attend

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