President Youth International Conclave , Mr. Engr Umar Farooq Gul , signed the MOU with the Vice Chancellor of Iqra National University INU-Official Peshawar , Mr. Dr. Shah Jehan Khan, for
the upcoming Physical Conference YIC Leadership & Entrepreneurship Summit . Thanks to Miss Sameen Shah for her amazing support and for making this possible.


Youth International Conclave:

Youth International Conclave is known for its unique activities for the young generation to gain more knowledge, have more experience and these activities enables them to take initiative as a leader and hence, this collaboration will add the spice to the amazing initiative.

YIC has always been ahead to provide opportunities for the Youth to learn and come forward to make a difference in the society at national and international level. This physical conference in Peshawar is also a part of these amazing opportunities with the addition of practicality.

The partnerships with the esteemed institutions is also done to make sure that everyone can have equal and all opportunities to be a positive influence.

Youth International Conclave known simply as YIC is an organization committed to youth development programs. Established with the aim of bringing potential youths across the globe for them to connect with each other in various fields such as cultural, technical, education, learning platform, and business. YIC’s effort is to organize various programs and generate opportunities for youths to fulfill the needs of today’s society and birth tomorrow’s leaders. Moreover, in implementing the vision of “Bridging Youth Leadership across the World”, YIC believes that every person deserves the opportunity to learn new things and generate the potential that is hidden in them

Stay Tuned because Something amazing is coming soon.

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