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Why to attend MUN conferences?

If you are new to MUN you must be thinking of much of these questions, “why participating in MUN conferences”? What is there for me to learn? But if you know your way around MUN conferences in past during College or University, you must have known some good deal of advantages. But there is so much to learn and you may haven’t considered them all. Model United Nation Conference is a superfluous roller coaster ride that one should at least experience once. Here are listed some benefits that will help make up your mind and persuade
you to join Model UN. MUNs have more practical advantages than any other form of public speaking exercise, simply
because it involves so many people at once.

  1. Socializing with people with different background, culture, society and different mindset is one of the unique experiences that broadens the way every individual looks at a particular issue. New ideas are emerged, discussed and advised which are further
    modified to serve a common cause.
  2. The diversity experienced in MUN conferences is exceptional in its own which makes you develop soft skills, behavioral skills and to respect every dimension without discrimination.
  3. The way delegates interact, the efforts they put in to prove their agenda is perfect experience of working in a set of rules and following discipline. Justice and equality is practiced with developed and under developed nations thus inculcating honor and respect.
  4.  These conferences help to improve your communication skills, builds up your confidence and help you to emerge as a leader. Analytical skills, public speaking experience, social adaptability and debate skills work together to help you become an influencing
  5.  Being part of this gathering, you will learn the knowledge of how government functions. Hand-on experience of original UN conferences, better understanding of responsibility of delegates and how UN works. Update on politics, current World issues, and international issues. Not only you learn about your country but policies of other countries; from
    economic utilities to military sanctions.
  6.  You have to be diplomatic while you are representing your nation in a group to understand why some decisions seem easy while they aren’t. In short you learn to be diplomatic. One must also take in account the perspectives of others, teaching you how to
    live in this diplomatic world.
  7.  The best thing; learning to do research work. Looking into matters of your country, extracting out valid information and using your knowledge in efficient way. Going through material to find relevant and accurate information and identify significant
  8.  Working in groups in MUN makes you a team player. How to use collective intelligence in a group to its finest. The whole is greater than its parts as per Gestalt. Identifying how to take advantage of this whole group to cover up weaknesses in members and to bring up
    the best in them, this ends in a perfect whole.
  9.  MUN gives an idea about how law and politics work giving you a whole new perspective of law making and policies. To analyze everything around us, reasons of laws and implications in socioeconomic perspective.
  10.  It can lead students to jobs related to international developments, international relations, international aid. Can help a person who wants to pursue career in traveling and business across countries. As every culture and boundary matters and they need to be understood
    the way they are irrespective of their ethnicity, culture and social background.
  11.  These conferences force you to think in critical and unique way to come up with feasible solutions. It brings your creativity into light. Emphasis is on creative ideas that one can bring up and how critically he evaluates it, which brings flexibility in your thoughts.
  12.  Last but not the least enjoy and have fun! MUN have gala nights, events, social dinners
    where delegates can have a good friendly circle to cheer you up and brighten your day.
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