"Dawn" Newspaper, Published about the MOU signing between YIC President and Campus director of Iqra National University Swat.
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Dawn Newspaper spotlights transformative MOU signing between YIC President and Iqra National University Swat Campus Director, empowering youth for digital entrepreneurship.

Dawn Newspaper, a prominent publication known for its insightful coverage, brings the spotlight to the momentous MOU signing between the venerable President of the Youth International Conclave (YIC), Engr. Umar Farooq Gul, and the distinguished Campus Director of Iqra National University Swat, Prof. Dr. Tayyab Ur Rahman. This remarkable collaboration sets the stage for empowering Swat’s youth, charting a transformative path toward digital entrepreneurship, and unleashing their full potential.

Within the pages of Dawn, the significance of this MOU signing shines through as a beacon of hope and progress for Iqra National University Swat’s students. It signifies a resolute commitment to fostering an ecosystem where young minds are equipped with the essential skills, knowledge, and opportunities needed to thrive in the fast-paced, ever-evolving digital landscape. By bridging academia and industry, this partnership aims to nurture a generation of innovative thinkers and trailblazers.

Dawn Newspaper’s coverage of this historic MOU signing underscores the shared commitment of Youth International Conclave (YIC), and Iqra National University Swat to nurturing talent and fostering innovation. With the Youth International Fellowship Program (YIFP), at its core, this partnership holds immense promise for Iqra National University Swat’s youth, positioning them for success in the digital era and empowering them to become future leaders, entrepreneurs, and changemakers.

To explore the article presented by Dawn newspaper, kindly click the following link: https://www.dawn.com/…/digital-empowerment-of-youth…

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Visit “YIFP” the official website at: https://lnkd.in/d3v2RnCc

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Official Website: https://lnkd.in/dQrz-R7b

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Contact with YIC president Engr. Umar Farooq Gul: https://umarfarooqgul.com/

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