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YIC is conduct session “Inspirational Thought Of Personal Development”

Inspirational Thought Of Personal Development:

Youth International Conclave is proud to announce that our  Guest Speaker Mr. Amb Hassan Rengo  Mfouakie will be presenting a live session on Inspirational Thought Of Personal Development at 3PM (Cyprus time) tomorrow.

Hassan Rengou Mfouakie is a social entrepreneur and youth empower. He has been working to support the united nation. He achieve 17 development goal and the African Union to fulfill its its agenda 2063. he is an electrician who decided to study later on business management. In addition he is a truthful and committed person. He communicates in French, English, Turkish, and got few knowledge in Arabic and Espagnol languages. He is a leader and has mastered the team working spirit. Hassan founded the World Youth Youth Summit and the Association of African Future Leaders 


Youth international conclave:

Youth International Conclave known simply as YIC is an organization committed to youth development programs . Established with the aim of bringing potential youths across the globe for them to connect with each other in various fields.

Inspirational Thought Of Personal Development contain:

•Improving self-awareness
•skills and  benefits of learning new ones
•Building or renewing self-esteem
•Developing strengths, capabilities or talents
•Improving a career
•Identifying or improving potential
•Building human capital
•Enhancing lifestyle and/or the quality of life and time-management
•Improving health
•Improving wealth or social status
•Fulfilling aspirations
•Initiating a life enterprise
•Defining and executing personal development plans
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