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Mrs. Azra Jamshed: President, Women Chamber of Commerce & Industry – Our Inspirational Speaker for TechConnect: Peshawar

Mrs. Azra Jamshed, President of the Women Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Peshawar is the honorable guest speaker. She is a prominent figure in the business community and an influential leader, making her a perfect fit for TechConnect: Peshawar.

As a guest speaker, she will share her expertise, insights, and experiences, providing valuable knowledge and inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs and tech enthusiasts attending the event. Her presence is expected to add immense value to the event, fostering discussions on entrepreneurship, women’s empowerment, and the role of technology in shaping the future of businesses.

"Unlocking the Oppurtunities in the Ecosystem of Peshawar"
Mrs. Azra Jamshed is the speaker of the event – TechConnect: Peshawar

Introducing Mrs. Azra Jamshed, an influential and dynamic personality

Mrs. Azra Jamshed, President of the Women Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Peshawar, and Vice Chairperson of Pakistan Red Crescent KP. Mrs. Jamshed is a leading advocate for women’s economic empowerment and has played a pivotal role in supporting and promoting female entrepreneurs in the region. Her passion for fostering a conducive environment for women in business has led her to organize an upcoming conference exclusively dedicated to women entrepreneurs.

With her extensive experience in the business community, Mrs. Jamshed understands the unique challenges and opportunities that women entrepreneurs face. Through the Women Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Peshawar she has been instrumental in providing a platform for female business owners to network, collaborate, and access resources to grow their ventures. As a visionary leader, she is committed to breaking down barriers and empowering women to take charge of their entrepreneurial aspirations.

In addition to her remarkable contributions to the business sector, Mrs. Azra Jamshed also serves as the Vice Chairperson of the Pakistan Red Crescent KP, demonstrating her dedication to humanitarian causes. Her involvement in charitable work reflects her unwavering commitment to uplifting the community and making a positive impact on society.

Mrs. Azra Jamshed‘s presence as a speaker at the upcoming conference for women entrepreneurs promises to inspire and motivate participants. With her insights, expertise, and empowering message, she aims to equip aspiring female entrepreneurs with the knowledge and confidence needed to succeed in their business ventures. Her leadership and advocacy have truly made a difference, making her a respected and influential figure in the region’s business and philanthropic circles.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our respected speakers for their invaluable contribution to the resounding success of our event.

Join us for a welcoming event, where the world of tech and innovation converge!: Organized by TechCon in collaboration with BeOner Youth International Conclave, support partner Ain Consulting Co. at National Incubation Center, Peshawar.

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VenueNational Incubation Center, Peshawar
Event:TechConnent: Peshawar
Time: 11:30 Am
Date: 27/7/2023

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