Announcement of Mr. Usama Zarif As the speaker of the event.
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TechConnect: Peshawar Welcomes Mr. Usama Zarif, E-Governance Advisor for KP Govt of UNDP, as Keynote Speaker

We are overjoyed to have Mr. Usama Zarif, the venerable E-Governance Advisor for the KP Government of UNDP, as the venerable speaker for TechConnect: Peshawar. With his remarkable expertise and knowledge in driving digital innovation and transformation, this event promises to be an inspiring platform for aspiring entrepreneurs and tech specialists.

Mr. Usama Zarif‘s visionary leadership and commitment to leveraging technology for the betterment of governance have had a profound impact on the region. As a thought leader in E-Governance, his insights and success stories will undoubtedly offer invaluable lessons to attendees, motivating them to embrace technology as a force for positive change. TechConnect: Peshawar is an exceptional opportunity to learn from one of the industry’s finest and discover how technology can shape a brighter and more inclusive future for society.

"Unlocking the Oppurtunities in the Ecosystem of Peshawar"
Mr. Hassan Usama Zarif is the Speaker of the event – TechConnect: Peshawar

Mr. Usama Zarif: Empowering Governance and Technology for Lasting Impact

Mr. Usama Zarif, a seasoned specialist with UNDP, is dedicated to improving service delivery in various departments of the KP Government. With over a decade of experience, Mr. Usama Zarif has played a pivotal role in fostering evidence-based decision-making and enhancing governance through data analysis and automation. Mr. Usama Zarif has been serving as Director of Operations at Car Grand, Peshawar, for the past 7 years, where he has demonstrated exemplary leadership in driving the company’s success. He has also served as an advisor with Adam Smith International, contributing significantly to the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Education Sector Program.

Throughout his impressive career, Mr. Usama Zarif,’s expertise has spanned diverse roles, from serving as an Educational Analyst with Adam Smith International to being a Professional Services Engineer at Apollo Telecom (Pvt) Ltd. His proficiency in data warehousing, business intelligence, and data modeling has earned him commendations from colleagues and organizations alike.

Mr. Usama Zarif holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from FAST Islamabad, where he excelled in database administration. Additionally, he is an Oracle 11g R2 Certified Professional from the United Latino Students Association, reflecting his commitment to professional development and mastery of database technologies.

With a passion for driving positive change and technological advancements, Mr. Usama Zarif,’s dedication to making a lasting impact is evident in his roles as a Field Implementation Specialist with UNDP. His strategic approach and innovative solutions have shaped a better landscape for governance and organization management.

Through his diverse experiences and skill set, Mr. Usama Zarif, continues to be a driving force in the realm of data analysis, technology, and E-Governance, leaving a profound impact on the organizations and communities he serves.

Invaluable Contributions of Our Respected Speakers: The Key to the Resounding Success of Our Event

Join us for a welcoming event, where the world of tech and innovation converge!: Organized by TechCon in collaboration with BeOner Youth International Conclave, support partner Ain Consulting Co. at National Incubation Center, Peshawar.

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VenueNational Incubation Center, Peshawar
Event:TechConnent: Peshawar
Time: 11:30 Am
Date: 27/7/2023

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