A photo of Ali Haider, newly selected Campus Director for the CUSIT Chapter at the Youth International Conclave (YIC).
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YIC Announcement: Ali Haider Selected as Campus Director for CUSIT Chapter

Mr. Ali Haider, a distinguished student from the City University of Science and Information Technology in Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (CUSIT Chapter), has been selected as the Campus Director for the prestigious Youth International Conclave (YIC) under the reputed Youth International Fellowship Program (YIFP). This appointment comes as a result of Mr. Haider’s insatiable thirst for knowledge, his unwavering determination to expand his mind, and his eagerness to embrace the digital era.

Ali Haider stands out amongst his peers due to his exceptional passion for personal and professional development. He possesses an unyielding drive to enhance his technical prowess, as well as a deep-rooted desire to acquire a broad range of skills. His unparalleled enthusiasm and exceptional aptitude for both technical and general skills make him a truly worthy candidate for this prestigious position.

Ali Haider’s exceptional skills, unwavering passion for knowledge, and impressive technical aptitude have distinguished him as the ideal candidate for the respected position of Campus Director. His insatiable thirst for learning and exploration of the digital era, coupled with his commitment to personal growth and the acquisition of diverse skills, have earned him this prestigious role.

Mr. Ali Haider Selected as Campus Director (CUSIT Chapter)

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