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YIC is conduct session on “leadership and Enterpreneurship summit 2020”



Youth International Conclave online session Youth International Conclave session

Youth International Conclave Leadership and Entrepreneurship summit 2021:

Youth International Conclave Leadership & Entrepreneurship Summit 2021 (Virtual Edition).We received 4000 applications in which only 500 were selected to attend YIC Leadership & Entrepreneurship Summit 2021 (Virtual Edition). 500 Participants from 54 countries attended the virtual event.

Youth International Conclave This Summit is Supported by:

BeOner : Youth International is also supported by  BeOner is all about fostering/nurturing your soft skills and progressing towards financial freedom.

Ejad Labs : Ejad Labs is a digital accelerator leading the movement to promote Pakistani technology.
Areeb Innovations : Areeb Innovations is one of the Growing IT Company based in Pakistan which provides services to the Global Market. Youth International Conclave is also supported buy areeb innovations.
Genese : Genese Solution is an official Cloud Consulting Provider of Amazon web services & Cloud Consulting Company working relentlessly on a mission of developing end-to-end product engineering and digital transformation services to companies and startups across Europe and Asia
Developify Solutions : Developify Solutions are a friendly bunch of people that strive for beautiful design & happy users.Team of people will work with you to help get your new project off the ground & running as smoothly as it can.
And many other Support Partners.
This summit was aimed to bring in the futuristic vision for the young generation and young leaders. To introduce the young talented minds with the experts of the fields of Entrepreneurship, technology and innovation and much more. The young generation would be able to not only listen to some of the promising leaders of the country but also collaborate with them to take an initiative for a start-up.
#IamRemarkable is a Google initiative empowering women and other underrepresented groups to celebrate their achievements in the workplace and beyond. for more detail

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