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YIC met with the ORIC Director and Team

ORIC director:

Keeping up with the tradition of Youth International Conclave of working hard about the future of the Youth and making sure that they get a variety of opportunities, the President of YIC met with the ORIC director, University of Swat along with the NIC Swat Leadership Team to have a Pre-Summit meeting. The President YIC also engaged in a Pre-Summit discussion with the Assistant Registrar UOS.

yic with oric director


The team had a discussion with National Expansion Plan of NICs Swat Incubated Startups to look for all possibilities and opportunities for the Young leaders to come as YIC has always been keen to take the futuristic vision of the organization with full focus and determination.

Join Youth international conclave:

It’s time for everyone to take a part in this tradition and hard work. Join YIC to have an amazing experience ahead and gain more knowledge regarding the theme of the upcoming conference.

Youth International Conclave is known for its unique activities for the young generation to gain more knowledge, have more experience and these activities enables them to take initiative as a leader and hence, this collaboration will add the spice to the amazing initiative.

Youth International Conclave comes forward with an aim to provide opportunities and knowledge to young minds and believe in the idea of everyone having an equal chance at success and experience. This conference is going to be the Milestone for this aim.

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