YIC President shaking hands with Campus Director of Iqra National University Swat
MOU, MOU Signing Ceremony

YIC President Engr. Umar Farooq and Campus Director Prof. Dr. Tayyab Ur Rahman Sign MOU at Iqra National University Swat

Embark on a momentous occasion as the visionary President of Youth International Conclave (YIC), Engr. Umar Farooq, and the Iqra National University Swat Campus Director, Prof. Dr. Tayyab Ur Rahman, join hands in signing a groundbreaking Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) at Iqra National University Swat. This remarkable alliance sets the stage for a harmonious partnership, fostering ingenuity, academic excellence, and active community involvement.

Experience the embodiment of their unwavering commitment to nurturing innovation, cultivating academic distinction, and making a lasting impact within the university’s vibrant ecosystem.

Celebrate this extraordinary collaboration as YIC and Iqra National University Swat come together, transcending boundaries to shape a transformative educational landscape.

Forging an Elegant Bond: YIC President and Campus Director Shake Hands at Iqra National University Swat

Engr. Umar Farooq, President of Youth International Conclave (YIC), and Prof. Dr. Tayyab Ur Rahman, Campus Director at Iqra National University Swat, gracefully unite, symbolizing a profound bond. Their harmonious connection fosters ingenuity, educational distinction, and active community involvement.

Embrace the spirit of partnership and envision the transformative impact they will create together, nurturing innovation, academic eminence, and meaningful engagement within the university’s dynamic environment. Celebrate this remarkable alliance, poised to inspire and empower future generations of leaders.

YIC President Umar Farooq Reflects on Collaborative Journey and Vision for University Advancement

Dive into an enlightening interview or captivating speech as YIC President, Umar Farooq, shares his profound sentiments and experiences regarding the enriching discussions and pursuit of betterment with the Vice-Chancellor (VC). Gain insights into his inspiring vision for university advancement and the transformative potential of collaborative efforts.

Discover Umar Farooq’s heartfelt reflections on the university’s remarkable achievements, future aspirations, and the invaluable lessons learned throughout this extraordinary journey. Join us in embracing his unwavering commitment to fostering innovation, and academic excellence, and creating a vibrant educational environment that empowers students to thrive and make a lasting impact.

Strengthening Bonds: YIC and Iqra University Foster Lasting Partnership

Experience a moment of profound connection and unity as the gathering between Youth International Conclave (YIC) and Iqra National University Swat strengthens the bond between these esteemed institutions. Witness the shared commitment to academic excellence, innovation, and community empowerment as the collaboration unfolds.

This remarkable gathering serves as a testament to the enduring partnership and mutual growth between YIC and Iqra National University Swat. Embrace the spirit of collaboration, inspiration, and limitless possibilities as they forge a path toward a brighter future, united in their mission to transform lives through education.

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