YIC President Umar Farooq shaking hands with VC Dr. Zahoor Ahmed Bazai of University of Loralai
MOU, MOU Signing Ceremony

 Empowering Young Minds: The Youth International Conclave and the University of Loralai Partnership

In a meaningful collaboration, Prof. Dr. Zahoor Ahmad Bazai, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Loralai (UoLi), and Engr. Umar Farooq Gul, Founding President of the Youth International Conclave (YIC), has come together to shape a brighter future for young minds. Join us at this empowering event as we celebrate signing the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between UoLi and YIC.

This partnership signifies a significant milestone in fostering global collaboration and providing exceptional opportunities for growth and development. We aim to empower talented individuals from diverse backgrounds, exchange ideas, and create a transformative experience for the next generation of leaders and change-makers. Be part of this remarkable journey as we pave the way for a world where collaboration, innovation, and diversity thrive.

Fostering Collaboration: YIC President Presents Commemorative Shield to UoLi Vice-Chancellor

Experience a moment of honor and collaboration as the President of Youth International Conclave (YIC) presents a commemorative shield to the esteemed Vice-Chancellor of the University of Leadership and Innovation (UoLi). This symbolic gesture signifies the deep-rooted partnership between YIC and UoLi, celebrating their joint commitment to fostering innovation, excellence,

and transformative education. Witness the embodiment of shared values and the promising future ahead as YIC President acknowledges the exceptional leadership of the Vice-Chancellor. This remarkable event marks a significant milestone in the journey toward educational advancement and the cultivation of visionary leaders.

Director General ORIC at UET Khuzdar Receives Prestigious Shield from Vice-Chancellor of UoLi

Experience a moment of distinction and admiration as the Director General of the Office of Research, Innovation, and Commercialization (ORIC) at UET Khuzdar is bestowed with an esteemed shield by Prof. Dr. Zahoor Ahmad Bazai, the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Loralai (UoLi). This symbolic presentation pays homage to the Director General’s exceptional prowess in fostering a culture of pioneering research, unwavering innovation, and unwavering academic eminence.

The event serves as a testament to the profound synergy between UET Khuzdar and UoLi, united in their pursuit to propel the research landscape forward. Join us in celebrating this remarkable occasion, as we honor the Director General’s invaluable contributions in fortifying the research ecosystem and driving transformative partnerships.

YIC President Umar Farooq Presented with a Prestigious Shield by VC Dr. Zahoor Ahmed Bazai of the University of Loralai

Celebrate a moment of distinction and honor as the President of Youth International Conclave (YIC), Umar Farooq, receives a prestigious shield from Dr. Zahoor Ahmed Bazai, the esteemed Vice-Chancellor of the University of Loralai (UoLi). This significant event highlights Umar Farooq’s exceptional leadership and contributions to fostering youth empowerment and global collaboration.

The shield serves as a symbol of recognition for his dedication to driving positive change and inspiring young minds worldwide. Join us in applauding this remarkable achievement, which strengthens the bond between YIC and UoLi, propelling the pursuit of excellence and transformative impact in the realm of education.

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