YIC with CECOS University

Proud moment YIC with CECOS University:

A proud moment for Youth International Conclave when the President YIC signed an MOU with the Head of one of the leading Universities of Pakistan which is located in Peshawar and known as CECOS University of IT and Emerging Sciences. CECOS University aims to achieve a distinct recognition and credibility in international community as a center of excellence. The university is striving to be known for its creativity, innovation, public service, knowledge dissemination, and communication. It focuses on maintaining values of integrity, diversity, merit and quality in all spheres of life to ensure socio-economic, technological as well as industrial growth and development in the advancing world of today.


 Youth International Conclave

The Head of the University and the President of YIC Mr. Engr Umer Farooq Gul had a very intensive meeting on the upcoming event YIC Leadership & Entrepreneurship Summit 2021 . They discussed all sorts of opportunities it would create to the students, the kinds of benefits it would bring up to the students and everyone who’ll participate from the University and how it will benefit both organizations on a bigger scale. After a lot of discussion and participation from both organizations, they finally signed an MOU, confirming their partnership.
Grab your seat now and apply for an amazing conference with an outstanding agenda for young entrepreneurs using the link below:

youth international conclave:

Youth International Conclave is known for its unique activities for the young generation to gain more knowledge and have more experience. These activities enables them to take initiative as a leader and hence, this collaboration will add the spice to the amazing initiative of the Hybrid version of the conference.
Bound to happen in Mid October, this conference brings in the futuristic vision for the young generation and young leaders. The aim of this conference is to introduce the young talented minds with the experts of the fields of Entrepreneurship, technology and innovation and much more. The young generation would be able to not only listen to some of the promising leaders of the country but also collaborate with them to take an initiative for a start-up.
So, what are you waiting for??
Join us for this amazing hybrid venture which will give you a lot of knowledge and opportunities with an upgrade of physical involvement to enhance the experience and exposure.

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