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YIC is conduct session “Introduction To Model United Nations”

Introduction To Model United Nations:

Youth International Conclave is going to conduct another amazing session on Topic “Introduction To Model United Nations” on upcoming Saturday.

Youth International Conclave known simply as YIC is an organization. Established with the aim of bringing potential youths across the globe for them to connect with each other in various fields such as cultural, technical, education, learning platform, and business. YIC’s effort is to organize various programs and generate opportunities for youths to fulfill the needs of today’s society and birth tomorrow’s leaders.

Laiba Chaudhary:

For this session, our trainer will be “Laiba Chaudhary”. She is a Social worker and working as a “Delegate Affairs Youth” under Secretary General in YIC Model United Nation 2020. She has attended many international Model United Nation (MUN) before.

This session will highlight these thing’s…:
1- What mean by Model United Nations (MUN)?
2- What is the purpose of Model United Nations (MUN)?
3- What are the exposure of attending Model United Nation (MUN)?
4- How to be a Delegate of our upcoming MUN?
5- What are the benefits of being a delegate of our upcoming MUN?
Saturday 29 August at Facebook Live click here to visit our site for more information
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