Announcement of Mr. Zubair Khattak as the speaker of the event.
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We are ecstatic to welcome Mr. Zubair Khattak, the Assistant Director of the Directorate of Youth Affairs in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, as our esteemed speaker for TechConnect: Peshawar. With his extensive expertise and profound understanding of youth development, entrepreneurship, and technology, this event promises to be a profound source of inspiration and knowledge for aspiring entrepreneurs and tech enthusiasts alike.

As the Assistant Director of the Directorate of the Directorate of Youth Affairs in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Mr. Zubair Khattak has played a crucial role in empowering the youth and fostering their skills and talents. His dedication to creating opportunities for young individuals to excel in various fields, including entrepreneurship and technology, is truly commendable. Through engaging workshops, interactive discussions, and insightful sessions, Mr. Zubair Khattak will undoubtedly ignite a spark of motivation in the attendees, encouraging them to pursue their dreams and contribute positively to their communities. TechConnect: Peshawar is honored to have Mr. Zubair Khattak as a speaker, and we look forward to an enlightening and empowering event under his guidance.

"Unlocking the Oppurtunities in the Ecosystem of Peshawar"
Mr. Zubair Khattak is the Speaker of the event – TechConnect: Peshawar

Empowering Youth for a Bright Future: Mr. Zubair Khattak, Assistant Director of Directorate of Youth Affairs KP

Mr. Zubair Khattak is a dedicated and accomplished individual, currently serving as the Assistant Director of the Directorate of Youth Affairs in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. With his expertise and commitment, he has been contributing to the development and empowerment of youth in the region since July 2019.

Having graduated from the prestigious University of Peshawar in 2011, Mr. Zubair Khattak possesses a strong educational background, which he utilizes in his role to facilitate the growth and progress of the youth. His passion for education and youth development can be traced back to his school days, having attended PAF Degree College Risalpur and GHSS Dosehra.

As the Assistant Director of the Directorate of Youth Affairs, Mr. Zubair Khattak is actively involved in various initiatives and programs aimed at providing opportunities and support to the young generation. His dedication and leadership have been instrumental in inspiring and guiding the youth to realize their potential and contribute positively to society.

Expressing Heartfelt Appreciation: Our Respected Speakers Contributions Led to the Resounding Success of Our Event

Join us for a welcoming event, where the world of tech and innovation converge!: Organized by TechCon in collaboration with BeOner Youth International Conclave, support partner Ain Consulting Co. at National Incubation Center, Peshawar.

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VenueNational Incubation Center, Peshawar
Event:TechConnent: Peshawar
Time: 11:30 Am
Date: 27/7/2023

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