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A Day to Celebrate Young Ones

You may wonder who I am addressing specifically, well it’s YOU my friends; the youth international conclave. Those of you who are going from dependence to independence. You who is reading this, who is lost currently, have a passion, a dream and thinking of how to make it through. Do you know it’s your birthday today? Let me explain.

In the year 2000 United Nations officially declared that August 12th should always be observed as youth day internationally. It’s a day where we educate the public on issues or concern, mobilize political will and resources to address global problems and to celebrate and reinforce the achievements of humanity. This day enables many young ones to understand to their values and commit to knowledge, skills and information to shape the future we will receive. After all we are one-sixth of the whole population and the fate of this planet will be in our hands soon.

In the last two decades, IYD (international youth day) has been celebrated with lot achievement and work on new sets of goals, this year is no different. Despite the first half the year was challenging because of a pandemic that has taken over the world and everyone was forced to stay home and take education and involve via social media. It hasn’t stopped this vibrant youth from making their voices heard on many issues. With all interactions of our common life routines still continue to stay positive, active and laud. Knowing this the IYD theme for this year is “Engagement for Global Action.” It’s about time to raiseour voices to make a difference in this world where we are going to lead soon and be in charge of its fate for the next generations. Its helps to enhance the young generation movement in national and multilateral institutions while analyzing the previous involvement and make better representations of the youth especially in politics.

The youth has had a very active involvement in previous political changes and movement but recently it has come view that many have lack of trust and less involvement in politics. History shows us many changes came from the youth who rose against unfairness, racism, discrimination and their sacrifice has brought better solutions and answers to many questions. But now a days the youth involvement has become less and less. It’s really sad to see lack of involvement in such important issues. Choices like climate change and issues like discrimination and racism is being ignored by few yet powerful world leaders and the youth is giving up on using their opportunity to vote and change this directive. So we say it about time to stand up from behind of our social medias and trolling into the reality and the recon force to the new change.

So how about celebrating this year’s International youth day with an organization that believes in you and its vision is “bridging youth leadership across the world”. Being a leader is a process where you can influence others and help accomplish an objective and directs it more visible goal. Youth International Conclave (YIC) believes in you despite your background because its effort is creating opportunities for you to raise to your potential. Believe if you bring various groups of youth who are equipped with technical, educational, cultural know how together they are going to drive a new change for the new generation and better tomorrow.

Youth international conclave:

YIC is known for its unique activities for the young generation to gain more knowledge and have more experience. These activities enables them to take initiative as a leader and hence, this collaboration will add the spice to the amazing initiative of the Hybrid version of the conference.

Our mission:

Our mission is to help you and your fellow friends to find each other, to work together by exploring and developing your potential. YIC can access to connection and create strategic programs to help you empower yourself with maximum potential. This year the pandemic restricting our connection and destroying our economy where the climate change is making it almost impossible to look for tomorrow while YIC would like to help you within the boundary and comfort of your home to find opportunities and connections via social media. This year theme is “Fostering Development: Complexities of Intervention in a Globalized World” our current situation requires us to be engages in a lot issues, politically, socially and economically. More than ever it requires our keen eye and problem solving skills in rescuing the world we live in. We can use our leadership skills and the power of social media to educate, inspire, to remind, to learn and to do more in this hard times. All the youth around the world it’s time to raise up to choose what’s better, to raise to lead, to look beyond the tunnel, to find solutions, to cure the souls and the planet we live in. Unless we do so right now we might not have tomorrow to look forward for.

There will be virtual commemoration of this day which will encourage you around the world to organize activates to raise awareness about the situations of youth in your country. It will focus on the following streams

1. Engagement at local/community level

2. Engagement at national level (formulations of laws, policies and their implementation)

3. Engagement at global level

My readers, let’s all be engaging in our communities, countries and even around the world. Let’s make a difference and lets our voices be heard, lets save us. There will be many exciting events and watch out for those as most will be virtually given our current situations. Remember you can make a difference, you can inspire, you can lead and together we can have a better future better tomorrow.

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