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YIC With Foster Development

Foster Development:

As always Youth International Conclave first mission is empowering the youth. We urge youths out there to find something they like and to start a challenge for the month of September, learn something new and share it with us on our website and social media platforms.

Dear friends, trust, we are not the only ones who think about how to get through this time. The pandemic may have put our life plans on hold and made us wonder if it’s possible to plan ahead. Some of us have lost loved ones and some have overcome the sickness. Our economy has also been greatly affected, learning is now online and some of us don’t even have access to technology or internet, some of our parents have lost their jobs and some businesses shut down.

Amidst all this, many of us are thinking about how to stay positive and we are having a hard time keeping ourselves busy in order not to fall into depression. While exercising is important and it should be turned into a hobby or a daily routine, today, we want to suggest something that has become a trend this last couple of years, it is DYI also known as (Do it yourself).

Youth international conclave:

Youth International Conclave is known for its unique activities for the young generation to gain more knowledge and have more experience. These activities enables them to take initiative as a leader and hence, this collaboration will add the spice to the amazing initiative of the Hybrid version of the conference.

Do it yourself:

Is a method of building, modifying or repairing things without the direct aid of experts or professionals. It is a situation where individuals engage and build from raw materials, used materials or parts of materials to make something new or fitting to individual need.

It helps to enhance the motivation, creativity and customization of a person. The DIY dates back to 1912. At that time, many people used this method to improve and maintain their own homes. But the term “Do it yourself” became more known in the 1950s as a recreational and cost-saving activity. At schools, people get to learn about being a manger or the abstract concept of building some sort of business or how to run a specific machine without material competence instead of direct skills on how to build a house or to farm and do other basic things of life.

Do it yourself provides you the opportunity to try and learn from scrap materials, recyclables or low cost materials. The term later begun to mean much more than home improvement activities as the rise of social media made it a trend and concept where people exchange and guide others to share ideas, designs, techniques, and also a platform for showcasing finished crafts.

Nowadays you and I can access any type of home crafts, solutions, quick tips on every social media platform and learn new things. But also if we want to be the content creator as well we can share our tips and methods for others to learn from. Are you drowning in your own thoughts and worrying about the future and finding solutions to survive this pandemic? Don’t worry, the best thing to shake off that anxiety and feeling of hopelessness are to embrace the benefits highlighted below:

1. Most of the videos we see costs almost no money and skills we learn are either done with materials we find around us which we can recycle or just use the needed parts. The other benefit is if its crafts or redecorating our house it will be with no labor cost.

2. We need to learn new skills, develop them together and discover new hobbies. The more we familiarize ourselves with tools and how things function around us, it becomes easier to maintain our home and understand how it works.

3. We also need to remain calm and focus more on our surroundings and developing problem solving skills. It keeps us occupied and find things to do continually with every project leading to something new and challenging.

4. It can be a side business but will eventually grow into something big. As we acquire different skills we can teach others, charge for services and also sell our products.

5. We can also meet new friends, start new challenges, earn money, and learn about ourselves during this Pandemic even as we adhere to relevant safety measures.

We would love to see how youths progress to a new start and enjoy new hobbies post-pandemic.

What are you waiting for? You can also join us to be part of this adventure and more.

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