"Speaker at TechConnect Peshawar event: Embracing Innovation and Technology."
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Presenting Muhammad Rashid, our visionary keynote speaker, igniting innovation!

We are excited to welcome Muhammad Rashid, a seasoned professional and accomplished manager at SMEDA as our venerable speaker for TechConnect: Peshawar. Mr. Rashid has consistently been at the forefront of cutting-edge research and development. Join us for a transformative experience as he takes us on a journey, sharing his boundless passion for technology and its immense potential to shape the future for entrepreneurs and tech enthusiasts alike.

“Unlocking the Opportunities in the Ecosystem of Peshawar”

Muhammad Rashid is announced as the Speaker at the event – TechConnect: Pakistan

Introducing Muhammad Rashid: Leading the Way in the Future of Innovation.

Muhammad Rashid is an accomplished professional and Manager at SMEDA (Small and Medium Enterprises Development Authority). With a passion for fostering growth and innovation in the business world, Muhammad Rashid brings a wealth of expertise in supporting small and medium-sized enterprises to thrive and prosper. His dynamic leadership and strategic vision have led to remarkable achievements in empowering entrepreneurs and driving economic development. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, Muhammad Rashid continues to play a pivotal role in shaping the success stories of numerous businesses within the SMEDA ecosystem.

We express our deepest appreciation to Muhammad Rashid, for his invaluable contribution as a distinguished speaker at TechConnect: Peshawar.

Join us for a welcoming event, where the world of tech and innovation converge!: Organized by TechCon in collaboration with BeOner Youth International Conclave, support partner Ain Consulting Co. at National Incubation Center, Peshawar.

Registration linkhttps://airtable.com/appbqxkm5AC2wYO1E/shrbCEg5XFy37QqF4%F0%9F%8E%97%EF%B8%8F
VenueNational Incubation Center, Peshawar
Event:TechConnent: Peshawar
Time: 11:30 Am
Date: 27/7/2023

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