The Event TechConnect: Peshawar, announed the CMX Connect Pakistan as Co-host and ecosystem partner.
TechConnect: Peshawar

TechConnect: Peshawar – Event: CMX Connect Pakistan is proclaimed as Co-Host and Ecosystem Partner

TechConnect: Peshawar – An Exhilarating Event

Get ready for an electrifying event as we proudly present TechConnect: Peshawar! We are thrilled to announce that CMX Connect Pakistan will be joining us as the honorable Co-host and ecosystem partner for this celebration of boundless innovation.

TechConnect: Peshawar, organized by TechCon, with the collaboration of BeOner, and Youth International Conclave, proclaimed CMX Connect Pakistan as our respected Co-host and ecosystem partner, The event promises to unlock limitless possibilities in the tech landscape.

CXM Connect Pakistan is proclaimed as Co-host and Ecosystem partner of TechConnect: Peshawar – event

CMX Connect Pakistan: Elevating Community Professionals in Lahore!

CXM Connect Pakistan, powered by BEVY, hosts dynamic events designed for community professionals in Lahore. CMX Connect Pakistan‘s mission is to empower community builders from diverse industries by providing a platform for in-person connections, learning, and growth. Attendees can network with fellow professionals, gain valuable insights, and thrive in the community industry through these events. If you work as a community builder, this group is tailor-made for you, offering the perfect opportunity to expand your knowledge and forge meaningful connections with like-minded individuals. Join CMX Connect Pakistan to unlock the incredible potential of the community and take your skills to new heights.

CMX Connect Pakistan, we are grateful for your valuable support, which is truly instrumental in shaping this remarkable event! Together, we are all set to ignite the spirit of innovation and create an unforgettable experience at TechConnect: Peshawar.

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