Announcement of Mr. Muhammad Shoaib as the Speaker of the event.
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TechConnect: Peshawar Proudly Presents Mr. Muhammad Shoaib, Deputy Director of Skills & Digital Economy of KPITB, as Respected Speaker

We are overjoyed to announce the honorable presence of Mr. Muhammad Shoaib, the Deputy Director of Skills & Digital Economy at Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Information Technology Board (KPITB), as our respected speaker for TechConnect: Peshawar. With his vast expertise and profound understanding of the tech and entrepreneurial landscape, Mr. Muhammad Shoaib‘s participation promises to be a catalyst for inspiration and growth for aspiring entrepreneurs and tech enthusiasts alike.

As Deputy Director of Skills & Digital Economy at KPITB, Mr. Muhammad Shoaib has been at the forefront of driving innovation, skill development, and digital empowerment in the region. His insights and experiences in fostering a thriving digital ecosystem will undoubtedly provide valuable insights to the attendees. Join us in welcoming Mr. Muhammad Shoaib to TechConnect: Peshawar, as we embark on an engaging journey of learning and exploration, nurturing the spirit of entrepreneurship and embracing the boundless potential of technology.

"Unlocking the Oppurtunities in the Ecosystem of Peshawar"
Muhammad Shoaib is the speaker of the event – TechConnect: Peshawa

Muhammad Shoaib: Driving Digital Transformation in the Digital Economy and Empowering Through Digital Skills

Muhammad Shoaib is a highly accomplished and driven professional with over 14 years of expertise in the fields of program development, project management, digital skills, and monitoring and evaluation. With an exceptional track record of success, Muhammad Shoaib has been at the forefront of driving digital transformation in the digital economy and skills space.

Currently, Muhammad Shoaib is serving as the Deputy Director of Skills and Digital Economy at the prestigious Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Information Technology Board (KPITB). In this role, he leads and oversees the implementation of Digital Skills and Digital Economy initiatives, which play a crucial role in empowering individuals with digital literacy and skills to thrive in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

With a strong commitment to excellence and innovation, Muhammad Shoaib has been instrumental in the development and execution of groundbreaking programs that cater to the demands of the digital economy. His adept project management skills have allowed him to achieve successful outcomes while effectively managing time, budget, and scope constraints.

Prior to his current role, Muhammad Shoaib made a significant impact as a Project Manager for the Youth Employment Program (YEP) at KPITB, where he spearheaded efforts to bridge the digital skills gap among the youth in the province. Additionally, he held the position Of Provincial Coordinator for the 3rd Party Monitoring – Polio Eradication Initiative at EYCON Private Limited, he led efforts to ensure quality and transparency in monitoring data during the critical period of April 2017 to October 2017 in Peshawar.

As a Senior Program Officer at Blue Veins, Muhammad Shoaib played a pivotal role in implementing and overseeing various programs aimed at empowering and supporting communities in Peshawar. During his tenure from October 2012 to October 2013, he contributed to the organization’s mission of driving positive social impact and fostering sustainable development. Muhammad Shoaib‘s passion for making a positive difference extends beyond his professional endeavors. He actively engages with stakeholders, government departments, and donors to foster collaborative partnerships aimed at achieving project goals. His communication and interpersonal skills have been praised for building strong relationships and fostering a culture of teamwork.

A lifelong learner, Muhammad Shoaib is dedicated to continuous professional growth. He has completed various courses and certifications in advocacy, project management, digital strategy, and more, always seeking to stay ahead of the curve in an ever-changing digital landscape.

A special thank you to our exceptional speakers whose captivating presentations and expertise made our event a resounding success, leaving a lasting impression on our attendees.

Join us for a welcoming event, where the world of tech and innovation converge!: Organized by TechCon in collaboration with BeOner Youth International Conclave, support partner Ain Consulting Co. at National Incubation Center, Peshawar.

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VenueNational Incubation Center, Peshawar
Event:TechConnent: Peshawar
Time: 11:30 Am
Date: 27/7/2023

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